We are going to show you how to create the relationship of your dreams...

Imagine a relationship where there were no problems, no hurt feelings, and no unmet needs. Just a never-ending honeymoon of sky-high attraction and deep intimate connection.

A relationship where a man is fully in his power and leading his woman with love and consideration, and his woman is in her radiance, following her man's lead receptively and with gratitude.

The man steps up, makes the plans and makes the decisions while anticipating what his woman needs, and his woman trusts him so deeply that she will follow him anywhere he chooses to take her.

The man listens intently to all of his woman's feelings and needs, and the woman communicates those feelings and needs with total vulnerability and respect.

The man cherishes his woman and loves nothing more than putting a smile on her face, and the woman reveres her man and looks up to him as her hero.

This is the dream relationship. Except it's not a dream. It's real, and whether you are man or woman, single or in a relationship, you will learn how to create it in our 'Relationship Of Your Dreams' 2 Hour Masterclass.


How to inspire a man (starting from a first date if you’re single) into wanting to lead, plan, initiate, be consistent, hold space for your feelings, unburden your life, and encourage you to open up to fully be ‘seen’ so he can love all of ‘you’.

You will learn to communicate in a way where you will feel his care, connection, and attraction to you, rather than experience gaslighting, criticism, reactivity, apathy, avoidance, withdrawl, or lack of interest.


How to command a woman’s respect (starting from a first date if you’re single) into eagerly wanting to follow your lead, take your advice, respect your boundaries, receive you in the bedroom (always), and become the most feminine woman she can be for you.

You will learn to communicate in a way where she will be receptive and grateful for you, rather than experience resistance, blame, judgment, accusations, manipulation, or reactivity.

We teach you how to shift all of these problems by shifting your communication and the energy you use when communicating.

We teach men how to lead women into their feminine energy and respect by using masculine communication.

And we teach women how to inspire men to lead and cherish them by using feminine communication.

We give women the tools to attract much more masculine men, and inspire much more masculine behaviors from a man.

And we give men the tools to attract much more feminine women, and lead women to be much more feminine.

But we don't just teach you these tools, also do roleplay demonstrations with common problems that men and women experience with each other to show what polarized communication looks like and feels like. You see how a woman shifting her communication will inspire a man to step up and lead her with care, and you will see how a man shifting his communication helps a woman feel safe to be vulnerable and respectful with him.

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Here's what you get in the 2 hour masterclass:

  • A clear understanding of polarity and masc/fem communication (and what it looks and feels like from our live roleplay demonstrations), so that you can implement what you learn immediately for positive results in your dating life or relationship.

  • A clear understanding of why not using this communication in dating or in your relationship is often the main cause of conflict, discord and even infidelity and divorce.

  • A clear understanding of how using and embodying masculine and feminine communication has saved countless relationships and created countless more, and will give you the ease and joy that couples typically only feel during their “honeymoon” phase.

  • A clear understanding of why the polarity we teach has couples living a forever dream relationship with no worry that it will ever end, and a deep confidence that nothing could ever break them

**This payment is non-refundable. You are expected to show up to the event. If something comes up, contact us and we will consider putting your payment towards a future event.**

This event, and everything we offer, is available to both single or coupled men and women. If you are in a relationship your partner may join in with you, but if you're in a relationship you can implement what we teach even if your partner is not interested.

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Discover the transformative experiences of our attendees!

From powerful insights into polarized communication to personal growth in relationships, these testimonials showcase the profound impact of our masterclass. Join the many who have found clarity, connection, and a deeper understanding of masculine and feminine dynamics.



I attended the prior master class and found it so impactful, especially the role plays, wow, light bulb moments for me seeing the “shifts”.I’ve also especially valued your shares around feminine communication impacting sons. My sons are 18 and 13 and felt ideal timing to hear! In light of recent TX shooting, a friend posted this (below). It reminded me, children are the future. I’ve come to see your teachings are so valuable. ADULTS have influence now to get educated and impact all their relationships especially starting in each home.I’m reminded of alchemy “We can’t change anyone else, we can only change ourselves, others change in reaction to you” (energetically, communication, boundaries - floating away).

The master class has also helped me experience “new light” and understanding in my marriage. Thank you.Re-posting from my friend ...“As we sat last night watching these kiddos enjoy one of their final end of the school year rituals, it was not lost on me the heartache of so many parents whose lives forever changed yesterday.It is difficult to put into words the flood of emotions which includes guilt for having what others never will. As we all know, life is precious so celebrate all the things and don’t sweat the small stuff.Children of all ages are the future of our world. Love them well, teach them well and above all else show them and teach them to BE KIND Perhaps today you can be a bright light for someone else, because if we want to change things it starts with us.



I attended the masterclass with my ex—he had bought it, but we attended together. Originally, I bought a ticket for my sister, intending to watch it with her and my mother. However, that plan fell through at the last minute, so I joined with my ex instead. Since joining the masterclass, I have gained a much greater understanding of what feminine and masculine communication actually looks like. This was a concept I had struggled to imagine, despite having read extensively on the subject and possessing a fairly decent theoretical understanding.

Since the masterclass, my ex and I started to really practice polarized communication. He would ask me leading questions about my feelings and their locations, and I would relax into my body to express the answers. The results were surprising, feeling both powerful and liberating. The shifts I've experienced include not only waiting for a man to lead me through this (though I melt with delight when one is capable and willing) but also making time and prioritizing the acknowledgment of my feelings as they arise. Slowing down has been a major theme for me lately, allowing me to process and flow through these emotions—something I've often put off for most of my life.

The masterclass also increased my determination to stay committed to my goal of getting into the academy to truly embody my radiance. The little tastes I have had so far are just too exciting to not pursue further. I was already quite obsessed with polarity before the masterclass, but since then, I find myself unable to stop talking about it, relating it to everything and everyone around me. It just made something click, seeing the theory put into real-life practice.

Thank you so much for providing such an affordable glimpse into the practical application of your teachings. It was definitely a real eye-opener and game-changer for me.



I loved getting to see the role-plays in the masterclass! It helped me to truly understand what a polarized dynamic would look and feel like. I was able to visualize myself in similar situations and step into how it would feel for me to communicate in a truly feminine way with a man guiding me deeper into expressing my feelings. Honestly, it was exciting to see this dynamic in action and brought me hope that I could some day have a polarized relationship where my feelings would be heard and acknowledged. I was really grateful to Zak and Mark for such an educational and inspiring class!



I attended the Masterclass on Saturday, feeling a bit anxious but very excited to join the group. I was one of two black women on the call, and I feel this is so important for all women, but as a black woman, I've been brought up as a masculine, strong woman, devoid of all femininity. I didn't know my feelings mattered until working with a coach. Through working with her, I was led to Zak.

The Masterclass blew me away, especially the role plays with Mark Binet. I felt this strong feeling in my chest and my heart open, as we were shown how to polarize using feminine and masculine communication. I saw what vulnerability and devotion looks like; I now feel that my feminine energy and vulnerability is of value, is important.

In a day-to-day level, when in my feminine energy, I write songs and compose on guitar. Communication at work is still challenging, trying to communicate from my femininity is frightening, but I know how to feel my feelings fully and not run away from myself. Zak and Mark show such love, compassion, and gentle but firm leadership, that I believe I deserve and I want a partner who is the same.



I've been in the social media wings of Zak Roedde's and Mark Binet's group for a while, commenting and contributing when inspired and where I could add value. The subject of relationship and dating polarity is complex, and while simple in concept, it's challenging to apply in the moment, especially when triggered. The Masterclass excellently narrowed down the vast nuances of masculine and feminine communication, making the knowledge and insights manageable and applicable.

The role-plays, fun and theatrically purposeful, provided a glimpse into relational dynamics that have eluded me beyond the honeymoon period. Confusion between intellectual approaches versus instinctive impulses often leads to emasculation. As a masculine person (business owner-manager, mostly purposeful, and on a mission), attraction in my relationships tended to fizzle out or end disastrously. Approaching fifty and just past a mid-life transition, I've been single for nearly three years. While I'm not ready to join the academy yet, this masterclass provided a comprehensive overview and simple, convincing examples that Zak and Mark are the experts to learn from when I'm ready to date again.



I attended the first Masterclass, a two-hour class, with excitement. It was informative, spontaneously entertaining, and extremely realistic. Moving forward, I'm trying to improve because I noticed triggers during the Masterclass.



I attended a masterclass on April 21 and realized that communication between a man and a woman can be simple and effectively shift things through polarity. The role-play demonstration was an eye-opener. As a woman, I often felt stuck finding ways to express what I need from a man in a relationship without seeming too masculine.

The masterclass taught me that expressions can be made in a feminine, effective way. In the month following the workshop, I have been able to express myself more naturally, though I still feel it's a learning curve.



I attended the first masterclass and was in awe at how true polarized communication looks and feels. It was like a call home. I felt sad after the masterclass because I realized what I missed but didn't know was missing. For me, true masculine communication was home. The discussion around needs was eye-opening. I began recognizing that I have needs and it's okay to have them. The masterclass taught me that my needs are natural and, when expressed correctly, can be met and healed.

I do not yet know how to be truly feminine, but practicing it feels freeing. Seeing the possibility for men and women to be polarized and fully themselves gives me great hope. People don't have to live as they have been; they can thrive and be who they truly are. Zak's books and the masterclass showed me how it's possible. I haven't transformed my life since the masterclass, but I have allowed myself to be where I am to move forward.



I want to thank Zak and Mark for the teachings shared in the polarity communication masterclass. Their style of teaching was value-packed, detailed, and practical. The workshop format provided experiential learning with real-time feedback. I've taken other courses on relationship dynamics, but this is the first time I've seen such fast results. The advice improved my relationship with my father tremendously, helping me understand his worldview. We often hear about femininity as a concept, but few coaches give practical examples of its application.

I learned the art of communicating needs without triggering defensiveness, allowing clear understanding. I practiced stating my needs subtly and following my father's lead, finding that many of my needs, even those I wasn't aware of, were met. My relationship with my father has improved significantly, earning a new level of mutual respect. He is more patient, calm, and open, and we argue less. I've realized that respect in communication varies among individuals, and aligning with my father's perspective has brought harmony.



My husband and I attended the first MasterClass after reading "Irresistibly Feminine." It was eye-opening to see the effects of masculine communication on the feminine. Masculine communication was calm, grounded, strong, and safe. Seeing the women connect to their feelings with masculine counterparts made me desire that level of intimacy and connection for myself. Reading doesn't always convey tone and energy, making the MasterClass a great full experience of the communication styles.



My husband and I attended the masterclass with Zak Roedde and Mark Binet about two weeks ago, and the results have been significant. As a relationship coach who teaches polarity, I admit my own marriage isn't perfectly polarized. Despite reading "Irresistibly Feminine" and "Don't Let Her Lead" and discussing polarity for years, it only clicked for my husband after the masterclass. Watching it together was bonding, creating a new shared language in our communication. For the first time, my husband started gently correcting me when I was in my masculine, and I've been more aware of my own behavior

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